Shepherds Clearwater Hotels - A Reason To Stay

One of the most popular landmarks in Clearwater Florida is Shepherds Beach Resort. Actually, it is not Shepherds but Shephards - no big deal call it anything you wanted as long as you know you are interested about it. The highlights for its ever growing popularity are the restaurants, bars, great accommodations and many more - the fantastic entertainment hub is definitely Shepherds Clearwater beach.

Regarding accommodations and other rentals in Shepherds Clearwater, you can enjoy single rooms to double bedroom Class A suites with a stretch of beach where can you can enjoy water sports like hoping to a jet ski, frisbee, beach volleyball or go parasailing. Restaurants at Shepherds Clearwater are even more exciting! They have world class buffet and other great delicacies! The bars are always lively as the have great grills and live entertainment to offer. Wow I knew you're really excited with the great bars!

Shepherds Clearwater Beach Resort is the prime entertainment haven where everything you wanted is jam-packed! Come here along with you friends or people dear to you and get that piece of heaven only at Shepherds!

Sunsets at Clearwater Beach Resorts are really romantic! Perfect for sweet couples wanting to tie a knot in a romantic place no other and on a romantic sunset. Weddings at Shepherds Clearwater sunset is spectacularly romantic - you can't miss out this wonderful gift for your love of your life.

What Do We Have At Shepherds Clearwater Beach Resorts

  • Great Fine and White Sand Beaches
  • Fine and World Famous Accomodations
  • Superb Service and Exquisite Restaurants
  • Fun and Exciting Water Sports
  • Night Clubs and Bars are Awesome!

There are tons more of exciting things Shepherds can offer - just see below!

Sheperds Hotel Image
"Looking at the front of Shephards Clearwater Hotel"

Rooms at Shepherds Beach Resort Image
"Nice room? Get one now!"

Shepherds Restaurant Image title=
"Wish I could dine here soon..."

Girls at Shepherds Beach Resort
"Great pose you got there!"

Girls taking a pose at Shepherds Beach Resort image
"Really really beautiful beaches!"

party at clearwater shepherds
"Let'g go party 'til the sun rises!"

What People Are Saying About Shepherds Clearwater Beach Resorts

"Nice hotel, clean, right on the beach not too far of a walk from pier 60... if looking for a peaceful place to stay, do Not stay here...loud music every... night.. party atmosphere. Rooms were clean, not the most comfortable beds."

- Mr Beach Lover

"Shepherds is a fantastic place to take any seafood lover. Their buffet is beyond amazing in all manner of salt water indulgences...but for the non-seafood lover it leaves something to be desired. As a member of the latter category I have a bit of a hard time justifying the price tag for my visit but company always seems to enjoy it."

- Robert

"Food was very good. My wife was not thrilled at thought of a Buffett. However, this was a really good Buffett. The grouper with hollandaise was awesome. Great seafood selection and very clean. We will definitely be back. "

- Adam

"We made reservations for 6pm on a Friday night, hoping it'd be slower and before the dinner rush as we were dining with our 9 month old. We arrived at 5:45 and were seated immediately on the deck. It wasn't very busy at all (though it started to fill up as we were leaving!) which was nice. The bar next door was busy but it wasn't bothersome. The view is gorgeous. My husband and I both had the seafood buffet which was good, but nothing spectaculor. The staff was average.

Overall it's a nice place but, nothing to write home about."

- Elgin

"The french fries were seriously good, and I really enjoyed my dinner. I had a severe sun burn which made me a little cranky. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't shivering from the ocean breeze. If I was my normal self, I would have not wanted to leave.
Our waitress was very good....she was a little brunette with pig tails.....very energetic and on top of things. The price was ok...there were more expensive places so I'm not complaining. They had a live band that was pretty decent.

Note: I would like to say if you have young children, it's probably not the best idea to bring them in the evening. There is a lot of drinking and dancing with the twenty somethings. I saw a few kids, and I have no idea what the parents were thinking. Exercise common sense folks!"

- Sims

"We went to Sheperds recently about 7:00 pm and enjoyed great rab legs and afantastic selection of other items. Not sure if there has been a recent change in management but we were very pleased and will return soon!! "

- Rass

Why don't you visit Shepherds Clearwater today and experience fun!