Clearwater Beach Bars To Go

There are several beach bars in Clearwater Fl to enjoy. They they are flocking along the beach or in the key area surrounding the big hotels and malls. There are so many bars that sometimes will only lead to confusion on which bars would you would like to spend your evening. That is why many people enjoy Clearwater so much because of the fun they'll get with bar hopping.

Every bar in Clearwater has there specialty. Coming from the best steaks, fine wines, to the ambiance. Some bars may be compared to as like that of novels and yet others are looking more trendy and more modern fitted to the newer generation of bar hoppers. Every man and woman of any age (we're talking about the legal age of course!) and of whatever mood can and will always have a place for them.

So here are some of the most popular of better yet most visited bars in Clearwater beach. The following list is based on the reviews from different guests and different websites amassed.You may also suggest a bar to be placed in this list and provide some good review about it.

Prestige Lebanese Cuisine And Restaurant

This restaurant is considered to be one of having the cheapest and freshest foods any bar or restaurant in town can offer. This Lebanese themed resto serves authentic Lebanese dishes that some may find it new to the taste. The menus served are time-tested favorites of most diners and tourists. You can find this restaurant in Dunedine Florida just along Main Street (421-8230).

Mike and Lisa's Cricketers

Looking for the right restaurant for you with great ambiance, friendly staff, and great food? This is the place for you. Though the food may cost you a bit high, that's no problem because the portion of each served food is incredibly huge! You hardly can find anything else the same with the other restaurants elsewhere. This restaurant also runs along Bayshore Boulevard in Dunedine Florida (736-1322).

Dunedine House of Beer

One of the most favorite bars in Clearwater is Dunedine House of Beer. Beer is overflowing and the bar is filled with beer loving people both locals and foreign tourists. You can order a keg of beer for an all night party or plainly play pool, darts, video games and more with a beer in your hand. A must go for all beer lovers out there! House of Beer is located in Broadway, Dunedine Florida.

Rosie's Tavern

Best place to go with a beer on one hand and a dog leash on the other. This is the best bar to go for beer lovers who are also dog lovers. They got the best beers in stock and you can have a taste before you actually take an order. They also give discounts during happy hours. This small spot in Broadway, Dunedine Florida has been the stop for most pet lovers who want to quench their thirst from walking a dog.

Shipwreck Bar

The best bar offering the cheapest drink in all of Clearwater. Local beer drinkers flock this bar and they have the homey feel. The place is clouded by smoke as everyone are smoking but the place is really great! The bartender is cool and also have some pool table to play on. This place is located along Mandalay Avenue in Clearwater Fl.

These are just some of the most popular bars in Clearwater for you to checkout. Though there are still more than 20 great bars to visit, these bar listed above are the five which are preferred to be visited back by guests according to the reviews. Whenever Clearwater beach bars are included in your future trips, you might want to consider to visit even just one of the bars mentioned.