Clearwater Beach Weather

Clearwater beach is regarded to have most soothing weather in North America's beaches! Popularly known for the wild spring break parties and powder white quality sand beaches, Clearwater has a lot more things to offer specially to families going for a vacation. Typically, Clearwater's average high and low temperatures play between 61 to 83 degrees.

Many retirees prefer to stay in Florida typically near Clearwater as during winters, its cold breeze is just mild. Compared with the other places in North America during winter, Florida is regarded to be a paradise. No wonder the lowest recorded temperature in Clearwater was 19 degrees and that was in 1981.

Though summers can be hot and long, the rainy season could fairly compensate the heat - a perfect relief of the hot summer days. During spring and fall, people flock to Clearwater for parties day and night - the weather is amazingly perfect!

The six month rainy seasons runs from June to November but it pours heaviest on August. Locals at Florida that when this season is approaching, preparation is necessary. The strong winds occasionally pounce Clearwater and all of its neighboring shorelines accompanied with huge waves and lightning strikes scare the local and tourists.

Adequate knowledge of Clearwater's weather is a must for anyone wanting to spend a vacation. You just can't jump in for a vacation and only to be caught by a storm would you? Summers can be so nice but the rainy season can be enough to make to stay away from Clearwater - temporarily. After the rainy days, you can again enjoy the long days under the sun and enjoy all the activities Clearwater beach resorts can offer you!

Clearwater's weather can be brutal at times... Stay during hot summer days