Best Clearwater Beach Hotels - Our Personal Choice

Looking for the best beach hotels in Clearwater Florida? You got to the right place! We have a list of our favorite beach hotels in Clearwater. Clearwater beach is one of the prime beach destinations in the world where grand parties and events happen each year like ironman competition, races, spring break destinations, and so much more.

Clearwater beach also boasts its family villas, apartments, motels, hotels, first class suites, and a lot more. The list below (in random order) should give you adequate knowledge about the best beach hotels you can find anywhere in Clearwater Florida.

Hotels You Can Stay Near The Beach

  • Shephards Beach Resort - Many would mistakenly say Shepherds Beach Resort instead of Shephars. The reason may be perhaps they are still mesmerized with the hotel's beauty. The amenities are so great and you will enjoy beachfront buffets and live band entertainment too. Their is no other place to enjoy the private pools and the very beautiful sunset. Only Shephards Beach Resort can give you all of this!
  • Holiday Inn Harbourside - Located near Indian Rocks Beach, Holiday Inn is one of the most popular places to stay preferred by family vacation goers. It has great pools and beach activity rentals like for boating, para sailing, dolphin watching and more! They also have a jacuzzi, tennis and volleyball courts - perfect for sports and relaxation.
  • Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resorts and Spa - Want to have a luxurious stay in the prime beach resort in Clearwater? Hyatt Regency Hotel is for you! Aside from its grand amenities, it also includes a room with complete modern kitchen, classy furnishings, and a balcony. They also have pools, gyms, ans spas. Definitely the best beachfront hotel in Clearwater offering comfort and sophistication in one.
  • Hilton Clearwater Beach - Newly renovated giving guest the best Clearwater stay in their lives. Everything is lively and fun in Hilton Clearwater where their are both morning and evening activities. They also can arrange dolphin trips, fishing and other beach activities. They also have some in-house boutique and shops for you to enjoy.
  • Marriott Suites at Sand Keys - The most preferred hotels to stay for businessmen. The place is just perfect for business and corporate meetings. It also is regarded to be the one of the most child-friendly resorts there is in CLearwater beach. They also have an array of spas and restaurants to choose from. Perfect for family vacations.
  • Sheraton Sand Key Resort - Regarded to be as one of the best beachfront hotels in all of America. This hotel hosts meetings, wedding, and other special events. They boast their green lodging, club rooms, and even value packages for sweethearts.
  • Parker Manor Resort - Take a dip in their great heated and spa pools - prefect for relaxing. They have private piers which you can enjoy fishing or play some billiards. The rooms are so relaxing and you enjoy the shops too.
  • Holiday Inn and Suites - The rooms are exceptional - each having its private balcony letting you see the full view of Clearwater beach and the Gulf of Mexico.

These are so far our favorite best Clearwater beach hotels you may want to check out. We will be updating this list once in a while to bring you the latest and trendiest beach hotels in Clearwater. Sometimes, the best is not what you see but what you can experience.